BSdieste: Dieste's 2016 Summer Internship Program

Can you BS your way into Dieste's Internship Program? 

When tasked with creating a campaign for Dieste's 2016 call for interns, some real BS floated to the top of the idea list. This idea that takes a well known advertising trope and uses it to our advantage. Edgy enough for our college student target, and meta enough for the advertising community as a whole. 

In the end, we received well over 100 applications.
Be Interns info cards.
Promotional Posters we handed out at College Internship/Job Fairs
Social media video posts.
Be Interns by the Numbers. Or in this case, by the qualities that set it apart from other internships.
Several "difficult" questions we used to weed out potential interns.
Art Director/Copy Writer: Nicholas Ross

Art Director/Animator: Nicole Hamilton

Art Director: Irene Li

Copy Writer: Mariajose Romero
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