Love in the Moment

We wanted to showcase how Anna and Matt's culture combined and intertwined since that is something that happens to ambiculturals everyday. In response to this need, we created AT&T Latino's first social media major content storyline that was spread across Facebook and Instagram.

Content doesn't take you to places- but to moments. With this in mind, AT&T Latino produced a series of short snackable video s showcasing the romantic love story of Anna and Matt: two individuals from different backgrounds coming together and creating a culture of their own. 

Throughout the series, we see Anna's memories triggered by both her favorite Latino AND mainstream content, displaying a true representation of her cultural duality.

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Group Creative Director: Alex Campo
Junior Art Director: Nicholas Ross
Copywriter: Mariajose Romero
Social Content Producer: Michael Adrian

Shooters Films
Director: Andrea Ball
DP: Matt Uhry
EP: Mauricio Jemal
Producer: Diana Montemayor

Editor: Brent Herrington
Color/Flame: Mark Sullivan
Sound: Matt Cimino

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