Pets play an important role in our society. 

They have become an important part of our human lives, where they play a certain role in our existence.

Some give company and comfort. Others help kids grow up to be better humans. And some are there to do very specific tasks.

This is why we deeply believe that every pet deserves the chance to play their fundamental role by helping the less fortunate ones find that special place in society.

Unleash their potential.​​​​​​​
We created profiles and profile pictures for as many dogs and cats as we could. each LinkedIn page was filled in with all the info you would need to hire a loving pup of your own.
We then created corporate looking social posts to promote the dog's pages and their skills.

These dogs also had to attend job fairs looking for employment. 

We even created fake companies for these dogs to have worked at before looking for a new opportunity. 
Director of Digital Initiatives: Matías Jaramillo
Head of Art: Gustavo Zapata
Art Director: Nicholas Ross
Copywriter: Ryan Marr

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