“You sound a little nasally, you might want to get some allergy medicine!”
- Laliá Powered Alexa

“It sounds like you have bronchitis. I am scheduling an appointment with your doctor for tomorrow.”
- Laliá Powered Google Home

“It sounds like you are having a stroke. Emergency help is on the way, and I am here to help you through this.”
- Laliá Powered Phone

Laliá can be uploaded to all of our connected voice-activated assistants; that way she is always around in case of an emergency. It will not need an app or specialized device to use, so users of many different brands can take their health seriously. 

Laliá will be equipped with a special algorithm to pay attention to the frequency and amplitude of your voice to determine how you are feeling. 

Nicole Hamilton
Matias Jaramillo
Raúl Mendez
Mariajose Romero
Nicholas Ross
Gustavo Zapata 

Published in the PSFK Future of Health Report.
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